Phanteks PCI-E 4.0 Premium Vertical GPU Bracket - Black

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The Premium GPU bracket combines flexibility and style to bring focus to graphics cards in a way only Phanteks can. The bracket is fully supported in vertical orientation but can also be adjusted up to 30 degrees to create a visually appealing display.  

With its D-RGB lighting feature, the bracket adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to your gaming setup, enhancing the overall aesthetics and creating a visually stunning experience. Whether a hardcore gamer or a dedicated PC enthusiast, the Premium GPU bracket delivers outstanding functionality that will ensure a system that stands out from the crowd. 

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Best GPU Bracket EVER!

I've recently discovered Phanteks and I love em! Their build quality on their products are second to none. This GPU bracket is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. It's beefy, bold and beautiful. Keep up the great work Phanteks!

Nick Williams
Puts strain on PCIe slot

I was very excited to receive this vertical stand, because I have had a PCIe slot fail in the past due to strain of the weight of a video card. Since i have the Eclipse G500A case, I expected no problems. When I tried to install the bracket, the riser cable was long and bunched up behind the vertical mount, putting a hard pressure on the connection point at on the motherboard. Maybe a much shorter cable will work or one with a 90 degree bend at the mounting point like some SATA cables. I decided it wasn't worth damaging my expensive components and now I am looking for a much more effective (and way cheaper) vertical support to put under my horizontally mounted video card. I do not recommend this item.

Michael Dexter
Returned and no response.

So Phanteks takes back returns and doesn't give back the money eh? Modern day thievery.

Hi Michael,

I am looking at the status of your refund. It shows that the return was received on Friday 04/05/24. All refunds takes 1-2 days for the refund to start processing. We also do no operate on the weekends and your return is still being processed since Monday 04/08/24. You should be receiving a notification later today or tomorrow the latest. We are showing the refund is proceeding as normal.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of the refund, please send us a message to

Wonderful case!

Bought the nv7 with d30 fan set up including the 140mm fans on the bottom and the glacier one aio. Running a 4080 super OC AND 14700k, temps are incredible. Playing starfield at ultra everything and cpu temps max at 48c and the highest the gpu has gotten is 50c. Case looks amazing, and everything is better than I hoped. Just be aware, this case is very large, and very heavy. Cable extensions might be necessary for some routing.

Michael Wingard
Love the bracket!

the wire could have been a little longer. Other than that, it is a great looking mount that fits the Nv9 well.

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