Phanteks PCI-E 4.0 Premium Vertical GPU Bracket - White

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The Premium GPU bracket combines flexibility and style to bring focus to graphics cards in a way only Phanteks can. The bracket is fully supported in vertical orientation but can also be adjusted up to 30 degrees to create a visually appealing display.  

With its D-RGB lighting feature, the bracket adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to your gaming setup, enhancing the overall aesthetics and creating a visually stunning experience. Whether a hardcore gamer or a dedicated PC enthusiast, the Premium GPU bracket delivers outstanding functionality that will ensure a system that stands out from the crowd. 

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Ben Shaw
Got it for the NV9

easy install, holds larger gpu cards no problem, plenty long cables easy to manage, fixed the issue i was having of my power cable reaching my gpu as the NV9 is a large case. the ability to adjust the angle on the bracket allows me to direct the air coming off the card so bonus extra airflow control. and the lights on the bracket really give it a good feel taking the case overall to the next level in terms of looks

Perfect fit!

Worked amazingly well for our NV5 cases. Did a his and hers build Black for me, White for my wife. They look amazing!

Martin Varela

This mount is one of the best I have ever owned. It is absolutely beautiful and the added RGB takes it to the next level. I have a Phanteks NV7 and the mount sits perfectly above the bottom fans. I used this mount with a Powercolor Hellshound Spectral White 7900XTX and it held it perfectly. This mount is also very beefy so I would definitely make sure you have a case that has clearance. Great job Phanteks!

Nice idea, almost perfect implementation

Love the tilt, love the RGB. The one flaw is that one of the display ports is blocked when trying to access it from the back.

Adam Wawo
It's great!

Back at it again and loving everything they made, it does fit on the NV7 tho i had to make it work but still its fine. it does increase the temps on GPU slightly depending on games tho. Warzone tho im still hitting 60c

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