Phanteks PCI-E 4.0 Premium Vertical GPU Bracket - Black

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The Premium GPU bracket combines flexibility and style to bring focus to graphics cards in a way only Phanteks can. The bracket is fully supported in vertical orientation but can also be adjusted up to 30 degrees to create a visually appealing display.  

With its D-RGB lighting feature, the bracket adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to your gaming setup, enhancing the overall aesthetics and creating a visually stunning experience. Whether a hardcore gamer or a dedicated PC enthusiast, the Premium GPU bracket delivers outstanding functionality that will ensure a system that stands out from the crowd. 

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z790-E gaming nv7

Just got this in and tried to install it today with no luck :(. I have the NV7 and the mount Kept hitting the part of the motherboard that sticks out right above the pcie slot, it's the asus z790-e gaming wifi. Other than that the mount looks great and seems very sturdy but will have to return.

Sethg Godlewski

Fits perfectly in my nv7 with the msi 4090 suprim.

John Gelnaw
Very nice, but a couple issues in the NV5

First, this is well built. It looks fantastic. In the NV5, however, there are a couple issues-- first, the card is very close to the motherboard. I have a two slot card, but was unable to move the card one slot further away from the motherboard, and this made flexing the PCIe riser cable VERY difficult-- so much so that I had to install the bracket without the card installed. Getting everything lined up with only two hands was difficult.

This led to the second problem-- installing the thumbscrews into the card slots while in the case-- and this may be why the directions suggested installing the GPU into the bracket before installing the bracket into the case. The thumbscrews had to be installed in a hole, and without tapered threads on the thumbscrews, they insisted on jumping to the right, and diving into the GPU.

Finally, in the NV5, it is not possible to angle the GPU bracket.

This is a very pretty bracket-- it makes all other vertical GPU mounts look a bit industrial and plain. But a version for the NV5 that allows the GPU to slide forward and back, without the tilt mechanism, and perhaps a bit lower price, would be appealing to NV5 owners.

It'll look amazing in the NV7/NV9 cases.

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