Phanteks NV5 Premium DRGB Kit - Black

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The NV5 Premium D-RGB Kit is designed specifically for NV5 chassis. Elevate your NV5 chassis with mesmerizing lighting effects with the included 3x D-RGB LED modules that securely mount on the outer frame of the NV5. Ensure a clean and visually pleasing D-RGB cable concealment with the D-RGB Motherboard cable cover. Effortlessly connect to the NV5 D-RGB case controller or expand more lighting with the extra D-RGB Power hub.

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Ibzan Lagos
RGB kit

Easy to install, and light is a good brightness

Daniel Castro
Very good but overpriced with some issues

I got the Premium Kit and it really completes the case! However the top and side lights seem pretty dim. I don't think it's because of faulty RGB but more to do with how the case is made that it dims the lights. If you don't think you'll want to deal with dim lights for the price then wait for a sale.

Jaye DJ
The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Having the complete NV5 setup with the DRGB kit and screen makes this case one of the best I've ever built on.

Jon L.
Nice add-on to the NV5

Nice, easy to install kit with a controller for additional phanteks items. The top piece fits snug, so you'll have to loosen your radiator if you put it there. Great buy and not too flashy!

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