Phanteks Glacier One 420D30 Premium DRGB All in One Liquid CPU Cooler Black, 3x D30 140mm PWM D-RGB Fans, Support Intel Core 14th Gen

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The Glacier One D30 AIO cooler is a high-performance cooling solution that offers a smooth D-RGB lighting solution thanks to the D30 fans. The Glacier One D30 AIO cooler equipped with D30 fans, can be daisy-chained and controlled through a single cable. Its large copper base and fin array make it suitable for use with high-end CPUs, while its design allows for maximum clearance with motherboard and RAM components. 

The cooler is available in both 240, 360 and 420 models, providing builders with a range of options to suit their needs. With its advanced features and sleek design, the Glacier One D30 is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient AIO cooler for their PC builds. 



Pump Block (LxWxH) 

76 x 64 x 51.4mm 

Radiator (LxWxH) 

456 x 138.5 x 27mm 

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Hoses too short for the case pictured... Misleading.

pictures show the NV9 having the Phanteks Glacier one 420mm aio on the top of the case with plenty of aio hose slack..

This is NOT true in real life.. I bought a nv9 and a glacier one 420d30 AIO and the tubes are VERY tight installing the aio like the pictures advertised. Why are the hoses only 400mm long.. other competitors are 450mm. especially with a case this big.

otherwise it cools well but I worry that the hoses being to tight will spring a leak and destroy a $3500 pc...

James F.
Fast & simple

Love this unit not only does it look great the clip system to connect them in-line with each other is super simple. Keeps my R7 5800x nice a cool. with the motherboard D-RGB cable the simple process of sync everything is top tier.

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