Phanteks has always been the go-to computer case for customers looking for high quality computer cases. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best products and services to meet your computing needs. We use only the latest technology and premium components to ensure that your system is reliable, fast, and powerful. Our attention to detail ensures that every system we build is optimized for maximum performance and stability. Plus, with our exceptional customer service and support, you can trust that we will be there every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

Technical Specs


MSI Z790I Edge


Kingston 32GB DDR5


Intel I7-13700k


Evolv Shift XT

Graphics Card

MSI 4080 Ventus



Power supply

Revolt SFX 850W PCIE 5.0

Hi-Res LCD Display

The Evolv Shift Hi-Res Display is an impressive monitor designed for gamers and professionals who need excellent color accuracy and sharpness. With a 5-inch screen and a 2560x1440 resolution, it delivers stunning visuals for displaying your favorite media or anything that fits your need.

The Professional

Professionals use Phanteks products for several reasons. Phanteks are known for their quality, reliability, and high-performance components, making them ideal for demanding professional workloads. Additionally, we have a strong reputation for providing excellent customer support, which is essential for professionals who rely on their systems to complete their work.

Creators & Hobbyists

Customers choose Phanteks as their casual creative computer for several reasons. We offer high-quality components and are designed to be reliable, making them a great option for creative work as well as a little fun during their breaks. Our excellent customer support, which is essential for users who may be less experienced with technology. Overall, Phanteks is a popular choice for casual creative users seeking a dependable and customizable computer.

Small Form Factor

The Evolv Shift XT is a truly unique small form-factor chassis that extends to tailor the cooling performance to your need. We believe in big things come in small packages. This computer comes packed with a Nvidia 4080 GPU that fits perfectly thanks to our Revolt SFX 850W PCIE 5.0 PSU. The cables bend nicely and haven't had any issues with our extensive testing.

Digital Nomad

Here's a little something extra for you! The NC-1 includes this traveling case! This traveling case is something we've been bringing to our shows and always received positive feedback. Carry it with the handle on the side or stand it up and use it like a stroller!



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