Phanteks Glacier G4090 MSI Water Block Bundle for MSI SUPRIM (X) / GAMING (X) TRIO RTX 4090

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Phanteks’ Glacier G4090 MSI provides a high-performance water-cooling solution custom-designed for the latest MSI SUPRIM (X) / GAMING (X) TRIO RTX 4090 cards. Designed using premium materials, the Glacier G4090 MSI features an aluminum cover, nickel-plated copper base, clear transparent acrylic top, and VITON sealing from the Automotive and Aerospace Industries to ensure the best reliability and longevity.   

The Glacier G4090 MSI comes with integrated D-RGB lighting that beautifully complements the water block and can synchronize with Phanteks' D-RGB accessories and compatible third-party products. Lastly, the included CNC machined black anodized or chrome plating aluminum backplate covers the whole length of the graphic card with a minimalistic and elegant design that features thermal pads to help improve cooling of the RAM and VRM on the back of the PCB. 

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