Phanteks D30-140 D-RGB Fan

Type: Single
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The Phanteks D30-140 comes equipped with integrated D-RGB lighting throughout its frame and blades on all sides. Multiple D30-140 fan frames can be linked together as one with bridge connectors and screw cover plates to reduce cables, resulting in extremely clean builds. 

The D30-140 combines premium D-RGB lighting with 30 mm thick and aerodynamic fan blades inspired by the ultimate T30 fan, which makes it a true premium D-RGB fan for modern systems. The D30-140 comes in two airflow direction models, regular and reversed. This unique option allows for the ultimate fan configuration for any system. 

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Scott Tyson
Outstanding Fans

Excellent sound profile. I don't hear any problem spots where they get loud. Inaudible until about 70% PWM. Connection system works great. Take your time with the connections, and always insert the side of the connector that has the small tab that inserts into the fan. They pop on very simply after that. The small covers for the screw holes also just pop on, but be mindful of their pins before pushing them in. ARGB control is simple via my MB's header and either the MSI Mystic Lights or OpenRGB. I only do solid colors and they all look great.

Thomas Stout
Sleek and Clean

These fans pull my whole build together. With hidden screws and fantastic light settings (mostly through Armoury Crate), their aesthetic appeal is par to none. Speaking on functionality, with the proper push pull set up you'll find nothing better. All in all a great addition to any build.


Look super clean and are pretty quiet


Look super clean are pretty quiet

David Escobar
Nice Fans, weak fan connections, not enough vibran RGB colors, daisy chaing RGB doesn't work prop...

Nice Fans, but they have weak fan connections which make them hard to install, and the lids that cover the rubber and the screw area are made of plastic too thin and weak, I broke several of them, same for the adapters to keep the fans together. Not enough vibrant RGB colors, if you use any type of rainbow effect, they look white or really washout. Fans are a pain to get working when they are connected in packs, the RGB does not work properly. I got 3 packs of 3 fans. If you use any RGB hub to control the fans, only the 1st fan and half of the second will light up, meaning you have to connect them to the motherboard and control them there via software. I even purchased the RGB hub from Phanteks, thinking maybe I had some type of power issue, but it didn't fix it. Also for the price, no controller hub is included in the triple pack. Coming from Corsair and then Lian Li, I regret not to have chosen the infinity fans from Lian Li

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