Phanteks PH-F140MPv2 Radiator Fan

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The Phanteks MP PWM Fan is a premium cooling fan designed with radiators and heatsinks in mind. The large blades offer high static pressure to overcome any resistance from a high-density fin stack to push the air through effectively. The optimized aerodynamic blades produce a smooth and silent operation providing you with a perfect balance between performance and silence.
 Installation is easy and clean with a Daisy-Chain cable design letting you connect several MP PWM fans together before routing a single (included) 500mm extension cable to the motherboard or fan hub. Premium materials have been used throughout with glass fiber reinforced PBT plastic for the frame and blades, Rubber dampeners on all corners, and mesh fabric sleeving for the cables. The Phanteks MP PWM Fan delivers a truly high-quality and high-performance cooling fan.

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